Emergent Learning 2014

  • April 24 - 25, 2014
  • World Trade & Convention Centre
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

Conference Program

Announcing our Lineup

We will continue to add presenters to our program as the un-conference process unfolds. Check back often, or sign up for email alerts to receives periodic updates.


  • Al Reyner
  • Al Reyner
  • Angela Johnston
  • Angela Rudderham
  • Anne Berube
  • Asha Croggon
  • Blair Mitchell
  • Carole MacInnis
  • Colin Donegani
  • Ellyn Lyle
  • Emily Martinello
  • Erin Paine
  • Gail Dines
  • Geneviève Boulet
  • Grant Frost
  • Henry Winkler
  • Lisa Saunders
  • Lucinda Low
  • Lynda Monk
  • Nazanin Afshin-Jam
  • Paul Beattie
  • Paul Beattie
  • Peter Davison
  • Peter Tomilson and Stephen Vienneau
  • Robyn Traill
  • Stan Kutcher
  • Steven R.P. Carrington & Sherida Hassanali
  • Sybil Power

Session Tracks

  • Additional Sessions

  • [Re]introducing Humanness into Teaching and Learning Ellyn Lyle
  • A New Look at an Old Problem- Ending Sexual Violence in Modern Society Angela Johnston
  • Addressing mental health needs in young people Stan Kutcher
  • An Afternoon with Henry Winkler Henry Winkler
  • Autonomy with a purpose: Driving educational change one classroom at a time. Grant Frost
  • Be Feel Think Do Anne Berube
  • Can the law EVER catch up? Legal developments in human and equality rights in education Blair Mitchell
  • Creating a 21st Century Classroom. (We are the ones we've been waiting for!) Al Reyner
  • Embracing Adversity: Four Keys to Resilency Through Troubled Times Peter Davison
  • Exploring adolescent conflict: how to help your teens through their problems with others Colin Donegani
  • Gifting our Adolescents with a Brighter Future Carole MacInnis
  • Guerilla in the Mist: Delivering Individualized Education in Outlying Communities Erin Paine
  • Inclusion in our schools; who is asking, who is listening? Angela Rudderham
  • Mindfulness: It's Not What You Think. Robyn Traill
  • Not all Bullies are on the Playground Lucinda Low
  • Program Planning For Students with LD Lisa Saunders
  • Proud to be Parkview: Creating the Optimum Environment for the LD Learner Paul Beattie
  • Proud to be Parkview: Creating the Optimum Environment for the LD Learner Paul Beattie
  • Sex(ism) Identity and Intimacy in a Pornographic Culture Gail Dines
  • Team Up to Put Students at the Centre of Your Classroom Peter Tomilson and Stephen Vienneau
  • The Elephant in the Bedroom- Sexual Development in the Early Years Emily Martinello
  • The Elephant, and the Invisible Knapsack Steven R.P. Carrington & Sherida Hassanali
  • The internet doesn't know your age! The Dark Side of BYOD Al Reyner
  • The Invisible Wound: Fostering Trauma Informed Schools Sybil Power
  • The Power of the Individual Nazanin Afshin-Jam
  • The Ripple Effect: The Powerful Impact of Resilience on Children, Youth and Caregivers Asha Croggon
  • War and Peace in Mathematics Education Geneviève Boulet
  • Writing Alone Together: A Transformational Tool for Conversation, Compassion & Connection Lynda Monk